YouTube Videos: (livestreaming on google meet at 9:40am)

Ella - Fiddle Fidaddle 

Victoria - Nobody Explains God

Jaylee - Everywhere I’m Going

Ella's composition - Angel

Victoria's composition - Vitoria Em Deus

Will's composition - Will’s Song

Katy's composition - Remind Me

Jaylee's composition - Mountain Winds


Solo Performances Part 1:

Jake - Drum

Caroline - Polly Wolly Doodle 

Timothy - Allegro

Zedd - Gerudo Valley

Arvil - Take It Easy

Claire - See Saw

Bailey - Fiddle-I-Fee

Kendall - Canon in D

Maylee - Allegro

Lilly - The Happy Farmer

Hadley - Over the Waterfall


Student Compositions:

*Composer - Piece - Performer*

Timothy - Frog Fiddle (performed by Timothy)

Claire - The Bells Ringing (performed by Addison)

Hadley - Hadley’s Song No. 2 (performed by Mia)

Kendall - Ice Cream (performed by Mia)

Jake - Green Team (performed by Sam)

Caroline - The Song (performed by Sam)

Roone - Guitar electronic looped (performed by Roone)

Bailey - Running on Water (performed by Miss Katie)

Lilly - Stars Shining (performed by Miss Katie)


Solo Performances Part 2:

Addison - Bonnie Kate's Reel

Madeline - Nocturne

Gretchen - Barcarolle

Chinyere - On Wings of Song

Mia - Sugar Moon

Becca - Deja Vu

Sam - An Adventure in Bb

Roone - Allegro Assai