We have utilized videoconferencing at KC Violinist Music Studio for years. With the current social distancing, the entire studio has successfully moved over to the online format for the time being to do our part to protect those who cannot stay home. 


Why take online lessons here? 

  • Years of experience teaching online

  • Fun, free group opportunities and practice challenges for studio members

  • Multiple devices and camera angles make it quick and easy to show students what they need to be successful

  • Individual google drive folders for every student, allowing them to read notes directly from the instructor every week, organize music, see videos and photos taken by the instructor when needed to assist with practice

Generally the studio requires a quarterly commitment, but given the current situation, I am offering several different options while lessons are exclusively available online:

1.) Studio Membership (Standard Quarterly Commitment):

$300 for 11 private half hour lessons (paid in monthly installment of $100)

$600 for 11 private hour lessons (paid in monthly installments of $200)

Includes 11 private lessons, a minimum of 3 group classes (for students advanced enough to attend), and a recital



2.) Individual Lessons:

$30 per half hour lesson / $60 per hour lesson

New students can "try out" online private lessons for up to 4 weeks to make sure it's a good fit for both the student and teacher. After 4 weeks, the student and teacher will discuss transitioning to studio membership.


3.) Additional Individual Lessons:

$25 per half hour lesson / $50 per hour lesson

These are available to any student that is currently a studio member or a family member of a current studio member. They will be scheduled on a lesson by lesson basis and available at a discounted price.