Recital Feb 2020
Ready to perform!
Solo Recital Feb 2020
guest instructor at group class
Preparing our V-Feet (Recital Feb 2020)
Helping a guitar student at recital
Young guitar student in a lesson
"Littles" Summer Class (Ages 5-7)
Students hanging out
Young student writing her first song
students before they perform!
New viola student working on posture
Teaching a young student
Violin group class silliness
Studio solo recital
Recital Feb 2020
violin & guitar kids having fun
having fun before our performance
Practice contest winner
Advanced trio
violin student in a lesson
trio working on interacting
students hanging out
violin class, drying our magic x's
holiday nursing home performance
group class silly photo
Recital Feb 2020
summer guitar group class
violin kids being silly during group
Recital Feb 2020 Program
summer group class
Recital Feb 2020
music recital photos
students warming up: holiday recital
young violinist working on posture
students playing a "gig"
student's practice challenge chains
violin group class
Recital Feb 2020
music students in recital
practice challenge winner
silly violin class photo
students at a real "gig"
guitar students holiday performance
focused young violinist in lesson
silly guitar class photo
all smiles in violin lessons
group performances at recital
teacher and her students
Recital Feb 2020
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