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Katie has been teaching my son guitar for 4 years and my daughter for 2. She is an amazing musician, teacher and person. She is patient and organized and finds the best approach for each individual child. My 10 year-old son says she is the best guitar teacher on planet Earth! She has truly changed their lives.

-Karen Ninemire

(5 stars on google!)

We found KC Violinist Studio through a friend's recommendation, and my 6-year-old son has been taking guitar lessons with Katie for almost three months. Katie is clearly a gifted musician and music teacher. I've been very impressed by the way she interacts with her students and their families. She is so encouraging and makes lessons fun and interesting for my son. I would highly recommend KC Violinist Music Studio for anyone interested in learning to play the violin, guitar or ukulele!

-Natalie Fieleke

(5 stars on google!)

Katie was (dare I say) Instrumental in my formation as a violist and always met me where I was skill wise. She helped me through every audition and contest piece I ever tackled from 8th grade to senior year of high school, state competitions to youth symphony chair tests, and the fact that I can go to just about any popular public place to this day and make $50 an hour or more performing (4 years after my last lesson) is a testament to her ability to instill the foundational techniques and mentality necessary to excel as a performer. I was a stubborn kid who wouldn't practice. I'm sure if you (or your kid) really lean into lessons with her, you can accomplish some pretty great music together.

-Jordan Williams

(5 stars on google!)

Miss Katie is a top notch music instructor! Her passion has inspired my daughter, who LOVES playing her violin. My daughter has learned a lot of additional skills that havent been covered yet in elementary orchestra, giving her a step up. Very pleased!

-Jill Bee

(5 stars on google!)

Katie is a very talented teacher whom has a vast skill set! She is classically trained and has solid fundamentals to pass on to your student. She also has a fiddling background and is very musical.. think teaching improve, fitting in with a band, playing to the violins strengths. Moreover she can teach guitar, mandolin, uke. You won't find a more diverse and capable teacher. We are so thankful for her !

-Travis Styer

(5 stars on google!)

Katie is so wonderful with both of my daughters. They love coming for lessons and are feeling more and more confident in playing thanks to Katie

-Dianne Rohlfing Emily

( facebook review)

Katie is great with kids! My son has really enjoyed learning to play the guitar!

-Tess Bassing

(5 stars on google!)

5 stars on google!

-James Kneece

Positive: Communication, 

Professionalism, Quality, Value

5 stars on google!

-Nicole Lasley

5 stars on google!

-Lauren Styer

5 stars on google!

-Blaine Waterworth

Note from Alan Smead, a former student, and grandfather of 2 current students (used with his permission):

"Hi Katie,

I thought of you when I ran into someone who asked about violin lessons for his child. I told him that I profited from eight years in your Studio after taking up the violin around my 60th birthday. And, then I told him all the reasons why I enjoyed studying with you. You have an attitude towards playing that make learning fun but not at the expense of learning something new at each session. You could read well my understanding of a concept that I needed to learn or what I needed to do to learn a new technique. We'd work out a plan for what and how I needed to practice before the end of each lesson.  You have more ways to explain something than any teacher I've ever known. It's not in your makeup to give up on finding another way to explain a concept or a fingering and bowing technique. Most of all, you were a great teacher because you are a lifetime student. There were many sessions when I was so proud of how well I learned last week's task only to find that I had wandered from our practice plan. When that happened, you graciously reminded me of how many times you had done the same thing and that that was part of the learning process. I especially enjoyed and profited from when you would tell me about what your professor had recently taught you. Katie, I wish you nothing but success. But, I wish even more that two of our grandchildren who have just taken up the violin will one day be students in your Studio. Alan"

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