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Study Alternative Styles of Violin/Fiddle

The Studio is conveniently located in Lee's Summit, MO right off the
I-470 & Route 291 split



What Can I learn?
Pop - Click here to see Katie playing pop music with her band, Fourscore

Country - Click here to see Katie playing fiddle for the Cowboy Cabaret

Jazz - Click here to see Katie playing a Stuff Smith transcription

Classical - Click here to see Katie playing a snippet of Piazzolla's Four Seasons

Not sure? You don't have to decide now! Studying here means you have all the flexibility to learn SOLID technique and whatever style of music you want to learn!

Not only does Miss Katie have a master’s degree from the conservatory at UMKC,

she is also on faculty at Ottawa University for violin and viola (,

and she’s a Level 1 Endorsed teacher in Paul Rolland String Pedagogy

A Few Notes from Miss Katie:
I strongly believe there are MANY ways to learn to play the violin well. I have studied lots of different methods over the years, and I use those skills to create personalized programs for each one of my students based on their interests.

  • I have a background in Paul Rolland pedagogy which helps me set up students with a relaxed, solid technical foundation through movement no matter what music the student wants to learn.

  • I play regularly with my pop band, Fourscore ( using my traditional classical skills, extended techniques like the "chop", instrumental tapping, and even my country fiddle skills to help bring new, fun energy to popular music! I'm constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries with pop violin, passing along those tricks to my students.

  • I studied jazz pedagogy at UMKC during my master's degree which helped me develop solid skills to teach improvisation no matter what music a student wants to learn. I have continued my improv and stylistic studies through attending master classes in bluegrass, jazz, swing, country, and so much more. This helps me tweak and continually add more tools for teaching many different styles of improv and music. 

I believe it's extremely important to make sure my students are never limited by technique no matter the style or type of music they choose to study at any given time. 

Tuition and Studio Specifics:​

Students will be committed to lessons on a quarterly basis (3 months at a time). ​


Quarterly Studio Membership Includes: 

  • 11 private lessons with Miss Katie at your scheduled time

  • A minimum of 2 group classes for students advanced enough to attend (inquire about you or your child if you’re unsure)

  • A minimum of 1 recital opportunity 

  • All administrative fees


Quarterly Studio Membership Tuition:

  • 30 minute lessons: $360 paid in monthly installments of $120 every month

  • 45 minute lessons: $540 paid in monthly installments of $180 every month

  • 60 minute lessons: $720 paid in monthly installments of $240 every month


A few notes about group classes and recitals:

  • Group classes and the recital are pre-scheduled at the beginning of each quarter.

  • Each group class day will have a class for kids and a class for adults. As the levels vary between students in the studio, we focus mostly on music theory and music games for the kids, and each adult group class generally focuses on one or two music theory topics. 

  • Group classes and recitals are included in your quarterly tuition, but RSVP is required so I know in advance who will be attending. This really helps me plan and personalize group classes and even recital formats/themes to fit the students that will be attending.

  • Group classes and recitals are not mandatory. Tuition is the same whether you attend or not. ​


More questions? Ready to sign up?


Let's chat! (

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