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Study Ukulele

The Studio is conveniently located in Lee's Summit, MO right off the
I-470 & Route 291 split



Interested in ukulele lessons? You’re in the right place! Yes, my primary instrument is violin, so why study ukulele with a violinist?

I focus on giving all my students a well rounded musical education. This means my ukulele students have the opportunity to:

  • Learn to read sheet music (not just tab) which helps them when they want to collaborate with musicians that play other instruments. It also helps quite a bit when students decide they want to learn another instrument.

  • Study music theory which helps them understand how ukulele relates to other instruments.

  • Improvise and compose music at all ages. Creativity can sometimes feel impossible as students get older, but I like to give all my students the opportunity to be creative from the very beginning! The earlier we start in the process, the easier it feels. With ukulele I use improvising in everything from writing a song to picking a strum pattern. Ultimately, I want to give all my students the tools to learn and continue making music on their own, no matter the age or level!

I also have extensive pedagogical training which I use to help create a solid AND healthy technique with the ukulele. Playing any instrument for a long period of time can be very taxing on the body, so it’s extremely important to teach students how to play with the most ergonomic posture and technique. I use a combination of research on many instruments to create movement exercises that help build relaxed and natural playing into the learning process. Students come to me looking for ukulele lessons with many different goals. Whether it's the only instrument you ever want to learn, it's a stepping stone towards other instruments in the future, or you don't know what the future holds, my knowledge with many other string instruments has helped me develop a solid teaching foundation that won't limit your goals!

Tuition and Studio Specifics:​

Students will be committed to lessons on a quarterly basis (3 months at a time). ​


Quarterly Studio Membership Includes: 

  • 11 private lessons with Miss Katie at your scheduled time

  • A minimum of 2 group classes for students advanced enough to attend (inquire about you or your child if you’re unsure)

  • A minimum of 1 recital opportunity 

  • All administrative fees


Quarterly Studio Membership Tuition:

  • 30 minute lessons: $360 paid in monthly installments of $120 every month

  • 45 minute lessons: $540 paid in monthly installments of $180 every month

  • 60 minute lessons: $720 paid in monthly installments of $240 every month


A few notes about group classes and recitals:

  • Group classes and the recital are pre-scheduled at the beginning of each quarter.

  • Each group class day will have a class for kids and a class for adults. As the levels vary between students in the studio, we focus mostly on music theory and music games for the kids, and each adult group class generally focuses on one or two music theory topics. 

  • Group classes and recitals are included in your quarterly tuition, but RSVP is required so I know in advance who will be attending. This really helps me plan and personalize group classes and even recital formats/themes to fit the students that will be attending.

  • Group classes and recitals are not mandatory. Tuition is the same whether you attend or not. ​


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