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Interested in guitar lessons for your child? You’re in the right place! Yes, my primary instrument is violin, so why study guitar with a violinist? I have been teaching guitar almost 20 years, and in that time I have used my pedagogical background to help my guitar students with a wide range of accomplishments

My guitar students have:

  • Been accepted into conservatory to study jazz guitar

  • Placed in multiple songwriting competitions

  • Written and produced entire albums

  • Put together a show, gigging around town at local coffee shops and other venues

  • Started their own YouTube channel 

  • Played with their church’s adult music groups

  • and so much more!

I focus on giving all my students a well rounded musical education. This means my guitar students have the opportunity to:

  • Learn to read sheet music (not just tab) which helps them when they want to collaborate with musicians that play other instruments. It also helps when they want to learn another instrument on their own!

  • Study music theory which helps them understand how guitar relates to other instruments.

  • Improvise and compose music from a young age. This helps students become less afraid to be creative as they get older.

I also have extensive pedagogical training which I use to help create a solid AND healthy technique with the guitar. Playing any instrument for a long period of time can be very taxing on the body, so it’s extremely important to teach students how to play with the most ergonomic posture and technique. I use a combination of research with not only acoustic and electric guitar posture, but other string instruments as well to create movement exercises that help build relaxed and natural playing into the learning process.

What sets KC Violinist apart from other Virtual Teachers? 

  • Over 10 years of distance teaching experience.

  • Personalized instruction from a teacher with extensive technical background and experience - I know how to help students learn a relaxed, solid technique by guiding them through exercises that allow them to feel the proper technique rather than just relying on explanations.  This creates independent learners from the very beginning that aren't as frustrated during individual practice. Lessons in person can sometimes be quicker as the teacher can physically adjust and help guide the student. However, many times that can lead to confusion and frustration during individual practice as it seemed much easier during the lesson. During my distance lessons, the student is learning how to make those adjustments on their own. For example, we use tapping and large motions to help create relaxation, mirror practice, breathing, and so much more to help students learn correct posture and various techniques. These exercises then directly translate to how the student practices when I'm not there.

  • Individual google drive folders for every student, allowing them to read notes directly from the instructor every week, organize music, see videos and photos taken by the instructor when needed to assist with practice.

  • Multiple camera angles make it quick and easy to show students what they need to be successful.

  • Quarterly recitals are included in your tuition! This helps keep students motivated to practice. Students get all the benefits of online lessons while also still getting a chance to perform regularly. 

Tuition and Studio Specifics:​

Students will be committed to lessons on a quarterly basis (3 months at a time). ​


Quarterly Studio Membership Includes: 

  • 11 private lessons with Miss Katie at your scheduled time

  • A minimum of 2 group classes for students advanced enough to attend (inquire about you or your child if you’re unsure)

  • A minimum of 1 recital opportunity 

  • All administrative fees


Quarterly Studio Membership Tuition:

  • 30 minute lessons: $360 paid in monthly installments of $120 every month

  • 45 minute lessons: $540 paid in monthly installments of $180 every month

  • 60 minute lessons: $720 paid in monthly installments of $240 every month


A few notes about group classes and recitals:

  • Group classes and the recital are pre-scheduled at the beginning of each quarter.

  • Each group class day will have a class for kids and a class for adults. As the levels vary between students in the studio, we focus mostly on music theory and music games for the kids, and each adult group class generally focuses on one or two music theory topics. 

  • Group classes and recitals are included in your quarterly tuition, but RSVP is required so I know in advance who will be attending. This really helps me plan and personalize group classes and even recital formats/themes to fit the students that will be attending.

  • Group classes and recitals are not mandatory. Tuition is the same whether you attend or not. ​


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